Family Discipleship

As our mission statement reads, we want equip believers, in every season of life, to be ministers in their world. One of those seasons, for many of us, is as parents, and one of those worlds that God has called us to minister to is our home. It is God's design that Christian moms and dads are to be the primary disciple-makers of their children. With that said, we feel as though it is our job to equip moms and dads to be able to lead their families spiritually from the home. This page is dedicated to that goal. Below you will find a few different resources, articles, and videos all provided to help Christian families disciple their children and help them grow in their relationship with Christ.

Family Worship 101

The media items below are brief, five-minute videos designed to help parents get a
solid foundation for what Family Worship or Family Discipleship really is, led by our
Family Ministries Pastor, Ryan Flynt.  


RIGHTNOW Media is the largest platform for biblical video resources out there. Not only does it include video sessions from Christian parenting seminars and on bible studies on biblical parenting, there is an entire section of Christian entertainment dedicated to your kids. Movies, shows, and series are divided into different age categories so that you can find something age-appropriate for your child. The best part about this resource is that is available to you and your family for FREE! You can gain access to HBC's account by registering with Pastor Ryan.

Helpful Links

The links provided below give parents access to answers on how to address common topics like salvation and baptism, while also presenting some 'in-house' resources that we make available, and some suggested reading on the subject of Family Worship and Family Discipleship.

Suggested Reading For Parents

Devotional Reading For Children & Parents

For any of the above resources, contact Pastor Ryan here.

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